Your expectations for your packaging bucket line

ico To develop your range of liquid, paste and solid products for multi-format industrial production

ico To carry out the performance packaging of your products in destackable or non-destackable plastic or metal containers, thanks to simple and quick format changes

ico To choose an upgradable and modular line so you can integrate additional functions or new formats as needed

PACKINOV Conditionnement conditionneuse ciment colle peinture
PACKINOV Conditionnement galet de chlore
PACKINOV Conditionnement conditionneuse poudre
PACKINOV Conditionnement bille argile engrais gazon

How our machines benefit you

Multi-format filling and packaging machine for buckets, tubs, drums or jerrycans

PACKINOV Ligne conditionnement seaux bidons squeezer
    • Simple, high-performance, multi-format: recipe changes from the touchscreen.
    • Dosing, filling and packaging solutions suitable for your products
    • Upgradable and modular packaging machine, allowing you to expand your range and meet your customers’ demands
    • Good level of dosing precision +/-1%
    • User friendly: recipe management from the control console; automatic format adjustment
    • Profitability: up to 1000 buckets/h on one track
    • Design and ergonomics optimised to suit your installation plan
    • Complies with current food standards, all stainless steel
    • Very easy to clean: CIP, water, foam canon etc.
buckets / hour
Precise dosing
Dosing of all products

Functions available to you

Suitable for destackable and non-destackable containers

Dosing of liquid, paste or solid products (multi-station)

on the surface of the product

from a roll of film

Or stoppering, fitting the pump or various accessories etc.

On motor-driven conveyor

As an option

  • Vertical or horizontal, single or multi-track destacker
  • Dosing unit working electromagnetically or by weight, flowmeter or mass
  • Multi-track dosing
  • Pressurised vessel with agitator, mixer, temperature maintenance etc.
  • CIP
  • Laminar flow
  • Heat-sealing with air purging, inerting
  • Auto-pasteurisation by bucket turning (hot products)
  • Placement of accessories (spoons, scrapers, dosing pumps etc.)
  • Metal detector
  • Dosing weigher
  • Inkjet marking or labelling unit
  • Accumulation table
  • ETHERNET connection – Remote assistance

Our services

  • Internal testing

    Benefit from our expertise by testing your products in our workshops.

  • On-site installation

    We install your machine in your premises, then train your teams on how to operate it and maintain it.

  • ETHERNET connection

    We can provide assistance remotely thanks to your machine’s Ethernet connection.

  • Heat-sealable film

    PACKINOV bucket lines are suitable for weldable and beadable films

  • After-sales service

    We provide after-sales service and direct monitoring of your machine.

Suitable for

All destackable and non-destackable containers such as plastic or metal buckets, tubs, drums, jerrycans etc.


  • Yoghurt, cream cheese
  • Fresh cream
  • Compote, coulis, fruit puree, jam
  • Caramel, chocolate, topping
  • Sweets
  • Food flavours
  • Sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup
  • Spices, tea, salt, dried fruit, olives
  • Crisps, sweet roasted peanuts, peanuts


  • Paint, surface coating, colour
  • Solvent, acid, chemicals
  • Tablets, chlorine tablets, swimming pool products
  • Powder, ochre
  • Fertiliser, clay pebbles
  • Leaf mould, sand, compost
  • Salt lick, road salt

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions: Dependent on machine configuration
  • Weight: Dependent on machine configuration
  • Use: Delivery in modules
  • Electricity supply: 220 V / 380 V
  • Pressure: 6 bar


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