Your expectations

ico To start or expand a packing activity with a sophisticated semi-automatic machine and at a low cost by heat-sealing with peelable or weldable plastic film (PET, PP, PVC etc.).

ico To guarantee safety and extend the use-by date of your products (crème fraîche, cream cheese, fruit coulis, mayonnaise, crisps etc.) by sealing a film over rigid containers with a large opening (buckets of all shapes)

ico To launch a new production and test product acceptance (R&D, small series etc.)

ico To seal your container and prevent moisture ingress so as to protect your product (paint, surface coating, render, adhesive etc.)

PACKINOV Thermoscelleuse TH 500 Film

How our machines benefit you

Semi-automatic multi-format heat-sealing machine for all shapes of buckets (square, round, rectangular, oval etc.)

  • High level of reliability of lidding guaranteeing that there is no tampering of the product and that the container is fully sealed (food, industry, export etc.)
  • Upgradable multi-format heat-sealing machine for sealing several bucket formats
  • Simple and economic, perfectly suited for heat-sealing (or lidding) in small series with film (PP, PET, PVC etc.) supplied in rolls
  • Speed up to 400 buckets/h
  • Capping possible with slip lids
buckets / hour
Peelable or weldable film

Images of the TH500

Functions available to you

Suitable for sealing films (PET, PP, PVC, etc.) on rolls, onto rigid containers

Diameters between 175 mm and 320 mm

As an option

Available as an automatic module for integration in a packing line

Conveyor upstream or downstream

Adaptation possible for special formats

Multi-format: additional tooling on request

Our services

  • Internal testing

    Benefit from our expertise by testing your products in our workshops.

  • Plastic film made of various materials

    Choose a peelable or weldable film

  • Bespoke design

    Interchangeable tools designed to adapt to your containers.

  • Leasing

    Test your project by taking up our lease offer.

  • After-sales service

    We provide after-sales service and direct monitoring of your machine.

Suitable for

Rigid buckets, any format (square, round, rectangular, oval etc.). Diameter 175mm up to 320mm.


  • Square bucket
  • Round or oval bucket
  • Rectangular bucket

Container material

  • Plastic (PP, PVC, PEHD, PET)

Technical characteristics

  • Pressure: 6 bar
  • Dimensions: H 1840 x L 910 x W 875 mm
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Electricity supply: 220 V


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